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Street Tweetin’

Did you know that in San Francisco one street food vendor uses Twitter to keep his business going? His name is Curtis Kimball and he sells crème brulee. I’m amazed by this person because he does his business so well.

In a span of one year, he was able to gain 12,000 followers—the Twitter way and literally. He uses Twitter to update his customers everyday about where he plans to go. Aside from that, he tweets the flavour of the day so that customers won’t waste time visiting him if it’s not their favourite one. He also asks suggestions on how to improve his product from them to keep his customers coming.

As you can see he knows how to use the new social media for business but he doesn’t plan on using Facebook. He has an account but I think it is more of a personal account. He knows that these new platforms are important nowadays, but recognizes that not all will work for a business. For him Twitter is the one and only site that can really help his business.

You don’t really have to go with the majority to improve your business. That might just mean great effort in maintaining and reaching out to your customers resulting to nothing if it’s not compatible with your type of business. You can just choose one and maximize its features.

Now this is a smart move for a former construction worker. Not that I’m belittling him or his professions but you won’t see that here in the Philippines. That’s because we are a poor country. Street food vendors here can’t do what Curtis did because they don’t have internet access. They would rather buy water or sandwich than rent a computer. Plus they have a lot of competitors in the street so there’s really no need to tell customers where they are.

Filipinos are smart, innovative—they have what it takes to grow and earn a lot in their selected careers or businesses. If only this country’s situation were better, setting up a business wouldn’t be that expensive. You wouldn’t need big money, big space, and a big name but a simple cart and product would be enough to earn a lot, like in San Francisco.