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I want garden asian salad!

I’m inside my bedroom. I’m surfing the net. I’m hungry. I feel like eating salad. BBQ rods and garden salad. We don’t have a landline. I only spend load through texting. Tita is not here. I don’t want to walk to KFC. I’m willing to pay PhP40 to someone who will satisfy my cravings.

Am I the only customer of KFC who has these characteristics? Am I the only garden salad fan who experiences this situation?

I can’t believe that up until now, KFC has not maximized the features of new social media. The web is used to inform people but this is so last summer. If you visit KFC’s website, the best thing that they can offer to their customers are store locations.

They should now that nowadays, a lot of people don’t have landlines anymore. Going out of your house just to order or buy some food is too tiresome already.

Moreover, I think the trend of condo living is increasing. These people like me, us, seldom cook. I can say this is true from the people I see in the elevators of our building. Obviously what they do most of the time is eat in restaurants or order in fast foods. Yes this lifestyle’s not healthy, but this isn’t the concern of KFC. Ha-ha.

My point is they have a lot of potential customers and they should use social media to extend their services. Here’s more.

I searched the internet for surveys here in the Philippines seeking to know which fast food restaurant people prefer more—KFC or Mcdonald’s. There are a few surveys and none really well implemented but from what I saw, more points for KFC. Take note the surveys were done online. A lot of KFC fans online, yes?

Also I actually think they should really give effort in this service, if ever, because some of Mcdo’s online delivery is not effective (according to a source).

So why not create a website for online ordering? Are they thinking that imitating Mcdo’s strategy is a bad idea? Who cares, when they are hungry? Like me!


4 responses

  1. Jen

    Hi Sands!
    I am not a “KFC-goer” because I don’t like their service. Anyway, I think that KFC has now realized the advantages of using new social media in promoting their products. This is because of the decreasing sales of their products in the US and other parts of the globe like the Philippines. I read one article some weeks ago and KFC said that they are now banking on the new social media. They are planning to tell the story of Col Sanders, the founder of the fastfood, via nsm tools like facebook and other sns sites. in that way, people will know that KFC is not just a brand but there are people behind that brand.
    If you want to read that article, here is a link

    September 29, 2010 at 8:01 am

  2. gj

    Same sentiments shared here. (not as hungry for KFC as of the moment though. haha)
    I agree that it would be good effort on their part to act on such an undertaking, because the competition happening offline may, can and also will happen online, and it is a challenge for KFC to keep-up with the pace that its competitors have actually started track on.

    September 29, 2010 at 5:36 pm

  3. Angel

    It must come to KFC’s attention that they are losing customers EVERY HOUR OR SO just because they prefer accepting deliveries through phone rather than online. Dear KFC, it is much more convenient (and profitable) to get orders online. More often than not, the final deciding factor of customers in making that purchase is convenience. So better do something about your service. And do it NOW.

    September 30, 2010 at 4:57 pm

  4. Now, you got me hungry with that blog post sandrine. 😀

    And because of that I became sad. I’m hungry, I want KFC, I don’t have a landline and there’s no KFC anywhere near me. What do I do now? Join the petition for KFC to have online ordering service! But by the time it’s been approved (if ever it will even start), I already ate or ordered on a fast food that offers the service KFC failed to give. 😦 Angel’s right, they are losing customers every hour. Not just customers but possible customers as well. And it’s actual money we are talking about. If they have had online service, they’ve already gotten your P40 and mine too. Oh, well. This is a lesson companies should learn from. Hear that KFC?

    October 1, 2010 at 7:09 pm

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