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The Brainbox has some things inside.

All living beings on Earth now evolved to adapt to the changing climate so they survived. Some wasn’t able to do this that’s why we don’t live with them anymore. It’s not just the living beings. The life of everything in this world depends on its environment. Bags, chairs, name it—its life span will all boil down to what environment it is in.

An organization is another example. We have discussed in 152 class that a lot has changed already—the environment, technology, and communication channels.

Though we can already feel that a lot of companies are acknowledging the importance of the new social media, we can still easily encounter or know of companies that are not yet adapting to the changes. Brainbox Company Inc. is one. I had my on-the-job training there and thought that some improvements can be made in this company.

The owner of the said company is an OrCom graduate. And yes, most of the people working inside the organization have OrCom hats. Although this is the case, they have a lot of catching up to do.

They do not have a website. They should maintain one. I searched them in Google for my internship and all I found was a website for the list of companies in the Philippines. I think it would be better if they have their so that students can learn about them faster. It wouldn’t only benefit the students but also the company itself because they always lack people for projects. Plus, potential clients that are looking for companies as such would see them. They need to make the company more visible.

OK, they got JC Cuadrado looking for possible clients and he’s good at winning them, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if some clients come looking for you?

Or they could have a Facebook account to announce upcoming events through their Brainbox networks. One of the problems that we encountered in one of our events was the promotion. During the event only few came.

This next “recommendation” is simple. They need to get feedback from the people they get during projects. Especially OrCom interns. As part of the whole on-the-job training, I think it would be better if they require interns to submit a proposal– “As an OrCom student, what can you do best to gain more inputs for the company sort?” of thing.

It would already add to the contents of the students’ practicum folder, plus the company can get good insights from the latest students of Orcom. In that way, they have better chances of adapting well to the changing environment.

It’s already the end of this entry but I would just like to remind all of us that we should not be too comfortable with the good standing of our company, in the future. Kelangan lagi tayong nakikichismis para masaya. Para may buhay.


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  1. Back in OrCom 143, I remember Ms Thea asking, “What is Brainbox?” when a lot of people wrote Brainbox as their choice of company for internship. I didn’t go to Brainbox, but I remember searching for their details online, but was disappointed to any direct details, except for being the company responsible for the Sketchers dance competition and for being listed as advertising suppliers.

    If not a website, I think a Facebook account/page would do to establish online presence, boast of a portfolio of Brainbox-organized events, and bring together past and present employees (and interns too) to share their experiences in Brainbox. I agree, online presence says a lot about your company, with regard to being open to changes and being more adaptive to your environment.

    September 29, 2010 at 3:40 am

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