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How hard?

Do you remember your parents saying that life during their time was simpler, easier? When I was still in high school I remember mine wondering why I’m so busy with school. I arrive home at 9pm, sleep at 12am and wake up 5:30am. My mom said “Nung panahon namin nakakagala pa kami sa Harrison tapos paguwi nakakatulong pa sa bahay.”

Yes. Life was easier back then. Time right now seems to get shorter and shorter. Although computers were created to make life easier, it seems to have caused the opposite. Time became shorter because, I believe, computer resulted in the tardiness of people. We became too comfortable with the thought that computers can do almost everything for us in such a short span of time. So we spend most of our days doing nothing… Or okay, at least not the things that we should be doing first.

Then came the internet. Another distraction from our priorities! Yeah yeah yeah we all know that the internet, especially Facebook, is trying to ruin our lives. What’s new? Well I won’t be talking about that because I already mentioned that in my previous post.

Let’s rearrange the variables here. Life online is harder than the real life. I’ve got two instances.

First would be my constant experience with a chat mate. We never had a conversation online where we didn’t have any misunderstanding and because of that I easily get irritated every time it happens again. Sure we experience this face to face, but it’s really more frustrating when it happens online. I don’t know why. Lessons:

Don’t type the words as if you’re actually saying it. The reader won’t hear your voice while he or she is reading it.

Write sentences with periods or what symbols have you. In other words, write REAL sentences. A lot of times your run-on sentences causes double meaning and confusion.

Don’t get too comfortable. Sure you are close but it’s different when it comes to talking online. Sometimes you have to treat your friend like a stranger to make sure that he or she gets what you really mean.

We fought several times because of this. And it’s stupid. Haha.

My second argument would be this BBC news For those who are too lazy to check it out. It’s about a 15 year old who had to cancel her birthday party because about 21,000 people on Facebook RSVPed. She forgot to change the privacy settings. That was all.

You see, a very simple mistake was made. She only forgot to do one thing but it created a huge effect to the point of having to cancel her most awaited birthday party. Let’s not forget how hard it is to monitor your online reputation. Finding websites and articles that has your name on it is far easier than looking for a book inside a library, but it’s difficult too. It takes some patience and skills.

If you find something negative about you, it would take time before you are able to hide it deep, deep down the Google pages.

So there. I guess life on the web isn’t as easy as we think.


One response

  1. I guess what makes it hard is that we forget that communicating online is different from communicating face to face.

    I don’t necessarily believe that life online is harder. I believe that real life and life online is both hard. It all comes down to how we manage things.

    September 23, 2010 at 9:00 pm

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