for the SANDRINE

Going with the flow of my mind.

So what does “what does that mean” mean? Nothing really. It can only tell one thing about me—a lazy kid. Earlier this day while eating, my friends and I were talking about random stuff. Pardon me for not going into much detail because this part of the conversation is top secret. One mentioned something about having “quality time”, and I asked “What does that mean?” Blah blah blah. Then she joked about using “what does that mean” as my blog name. I replied, Pag wala na talaga ako maisip mamaya yun na gagamitin ko. As I have said I am lazy, hence the name.

Anyway this is my first blog ever. No, actually not. My first attempt was in high school, but I really don’t like anybody reading my mind so I stopped after two posts. I’m more of an introvert. I am sure nobody will disagree with me. I don’t talk a lot, I hardly initiate lakwatsas, I’m not interested in parties, and I hate performing on stage alone. Sandrine is a synonym of silence.

I myself cannot believe that I’ve gone this far in the communications field. Math is what I enjoy doing actually. I’m not bragging but I understood calculus better than my high school teacher. I didn’t have to memorize any formulas and still get high grades. Though for some reasons, I didn’t get uno’s in Math1 and Math11, I’m pretty sure math loves me more than communication does. But of course my skills in that area are long gone now.

Even though communication is my greatest weakness, I have enjoyed all my experiences as an OrCom student (especially my OJT). This degree program taught me how important communication is in every aspect of an individual’s life. It helped me express my thoughts and feelings. I don’t regret being in this program. Yes it is true that up to now I still palpitate before any speech or report (because my audience are very good speakers). But looking back at what I have already been through, I can only laugh at those experiences and say “Wow I made it!”

A few more palpitations and perspirations then I can reminisce and say again, “ I made it!”


One response

  1. starrylines

    hi sands! 🙂

    i miss you! haha! i like your first post! and i can very much relate with what you said:

    “I really don’t like anybody reading my mind so I stopped after two posts”

    we’re the same! i also tried posting two blogs when i was in my first year in college and stopped doing so because i realized i don’t have the urge to tell the whole world what i’m thinking. haha. wala lang. natuwa lang ako. :)) nice blog!

    June 27, 2010 at 12:47 am

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